Adnan SchananNay

Mohammed Hashim Al-Battat

Adnan Schanan was born in 1965 in Dikar, Iraq.

He is a member of the Iraqi union of musicians.
He studied nay at the Institute for Iraqi Music in Baghdad
and at the Academy of Fine Arts.He worked as a teacher
at the Institute of Fine Arts in Baghdad.

He was soloist in one of the television orchestras in
Baghdad and has accompanied almost all the well-known
musicians and singers in the Middle-East. 
He performs with Ensemble Sarband since 2005.



«Die heiseren Klänge der Rohrflöte, von Adnan Schanan meisterhaft beschworen …»
Franz Szabo, Salzburger Nachrichten (Austria), April 2006




J. S Bach: 
«Jesum von Nazareth»
CD Arabian Passion


The Arabian Passion
9-2011 Mus. Sacra Paderborn