Mustafa Doğan Dikmen   Voice, Ney, Percussion

Dogan Dikmen


«Doğan Dikmen: a sage in every respect.»
  Clemens Anton Klug,
  Kleine Zeitung (Austria), 21.03. 2005





Mustafa Doğan Dikmen (voice, ney, percussion) was born in Ankara (Turkey). Between 1975 and 1978 he played percussion
with the Turkish Radio & Television Corporation, Ankara. From 1979 to 1983 he studied at Istanbul State Conservatory.

1982 he became a vocal soloist at Turkish Radio & Television, Istanbul. At this time he also took lessons with the great
masters of Ottoman classical and religious music, Alaeddin Yavasça and Hafiz Kani Karaca. He also took ney (reed flute)
lessons with Niyazi Sayin.

He is teaching at different conservatories in Turkey, has his own regular radio show and frequent broadcasts as a soloist and
choir director with Turkish Radio & Television Corporation.

Dogan Dikmen is a member of Sarband since 1989. Since then, he performed hundreds of concerts with the group and
recorded more than a dozen CDs.



«Performing masterly on fiddle, kanun (psaltery), reed flute and frame drum, the group around Ivanoff supported vocal soloist
Mustafa Doğan Dikmen, improvising emotionally absorbing meditative as well as rhythmically lively interludes and
accompanied the vigorous chorus with unfamiliar yet captivating creations. … Three gracefully rendered psalm motets …
by Dutch composer Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck topped off this unusual concert which was celebrated by the audience with
applause lasting several minutes.» Landeszeitung (Austria) , 31.07.2011

«Mustafa Doğan Dikmen enchants the audience with his ney and his vocal art.» Noreen Hirschfeld,
Göttinger  Tageblatt (Germany), 23.09.2010

«Mustafa Doğan Dikmen, whose vigorous voice filled the nave effortlessly with a variety of peculiarly Oriental guttural
sounds. Warm and haunting sounded the Quran suras about Mary and the birth of Jesus. ... At the end, the audience
remained in almost reverent awe, which then erupted into persistent applause for the musicians.» Hans-Dieter Speck,
Mitteldeutsche Zeitung (Germany), 20.06.2010

« … 
Two singers had the leading role: brilliant Mustafa Doğan Dikmen and astonishing Bekir Büyükbas … 

The musical chemistry was visible on stage. 
That the members of Sarband grunted their approval to particularly beautiful
phrases of the singer was the best proof of this.» 
Stefan Grondelaers, De Standaard (Belgium), 25.05.2010

«Especially Mustafa Doğan Dikmen with his warm, powerful and intense voice caused frissons of pleasure.» Susanne Dietz,
Maintaler Tagesanzeiger (Germany), 18.07.2005

«This is a fascinating recital, in which Concerto Köln's period instruments join with the Turkish ensemble Sarband and the
haunting voice of Mustafa Doğan Dikmen 
in pursuit of links between the western waltz and Turkish music.»
Stephen Pettitt, Sunday Times (USA), 19.6.2005

«The force with which their vocalist, Mustafa Doğan Dikmen, presented Ufki's settings was nothing short of astounding.»
Tweedy Flanagan, Happenings in the Humanities (USA), Fall/Winter 2005-06

«Doğan Dikmen: a sage in every respect.» Clemens Anton Klug, Kleine Zeitung (Austria), 21.03. 2005



Dede Ef.: «Yine bir guel»
CD The Waltz
C. Goudimel / A. Ufki:
Psalm 9
CD Sacred Bridges
«Leblerinden öperek»
CD Yehudi
«Nur-i Cemali»
CD Cantico



Passio-Compassio 1
9-2010 Ruhrtriennale