Christopher MiltenbergerPiano

Christopher Miltenberger

Christopher Miltenberger has a wide-ranging musical spectrum. Classical music, free improvisation, pop,
jazz  or Orientalist music - the art of sound is the
pianist's love and passion.

Miltenberger studied at the Hochschule für Musik und
Darstellende Kunst Frankfurt am Main, broadened and
sharpened his view at the Mannheim Musikhochschule.

His teachers were Ratko Delorko, Ralph Abelein,
Christof Sänger, Eugen Wangler and
Axel Gremmelspacher.

For many years, he himself taught students as a tutor in aural training, arrangement and improvised song
accompaniment. Now he has a teaching position for practical school training for piano teaching at the Hochschule
and gives improvisation classes.

In 2011 and 2012 he was the liaison between the HfMDK Frankfurt and the Hessen Film and Media
Academy, since coordinating the joint seminar «Music for Silent Movies» as a project manager.

With his versatility, the winner of the prestigious «Bundeswettbewerb Schulpraktisches Klavierspiel Grotrian-Steinweg»
(Grotrian Steinweg competition for practical school training for piano teaching) has captivated audiences in many European
and Middle Eastern countries. In spite of his international activity, the Rhine-Main area is an important refuge.

There, he performs regularly for cultural institutions and private enthusiasts; he also works as an artistic director, arranges
and composes his own music for various settings.

Since 2007 he performs with Ensemble Sarband.






Live: Sheherazade -
M. Ravel: «L'Indifferent»
(Shéhérazade No.3)
Kissinger Winterzauber 2008
Live: G. I. Gurdjieff -
Travels to
Unreachable Places,
Kissinger Winterzauber 2011